Pedestrian and Bike Improvements

What We’ve Heard

Community Focus Groups shared the following input:

  • Improvements to make walking safer are a priority, including
    pedestrian-scale lighting and high-visibility crosswalks.
  • On-street bike lane improvements to separate cyclists from
    moving traffic are a priority.
  • Better accommodations for the disabled are a priority.

Bicyclist and pedestrian safety hotspots were analyzed and summarized through the Countywide High Injury Network. The High-Injury Network includes roadway segments with the most fatal and severe injury crashes. Vulnerable and disadvantaged population groups were analyzed in Communities of Concern. These types of information will be used to prioritize improvements along the corridor.

What’s Happening Soon?

Pedestrian safety treatments throughout the corridor will provide safer, higher-quality travel for pedestrians. Bike safety treatments along the corridor and at intersections will make it more comfortable for people to bike.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

What types of improvements are most important to you?

  • After submitting your response, you can read about other types of improvements and share additional thoughts.