Mobility Hubs

Mobility Hubs will be developed around major transportation hubs and may include:

  • Bike station or bike lockers
  • Real-time information for connecting transit services
  • Wayfinding signage
  • On-demand rideshare/carpooling services
  • Microtransit services
  • Shared vehicle options (carshare, bikeshare, scooters)
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Real-time parking information
  • Pedestrian and bike infrastructure at and near the station
  • Bus priority improvements to/from the station (transit signal priority, bus-only lanes)
  • Supporting land uses (package delivery, convenience retail, etc.)

Mobility Hubs are major transit centers that include a range of amenities and robust multimodal transportation options to facilitate seamless transfers between modes and improved access to transit.

Map showing locations of proposed mobility hubs

Mobility Hub Concept infographic

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