East Bay Greenway Extension

Already Underway: East Bay Greenway from Lake Merritt BART to South Hayward BART

The East Bay Greenway Project proposes to construct a bicycle and pedestrian facility that will generally follow the BART alignment for 16 miles through the cities of Oakland, San Leandro, and Hayward as well as the unincorporated communities of Ashland and Cherryland.

What We’ve Heard

Outreach to date has included a web survey, focus groups, and meetings with agency partners.

Community Focus Groups shared the following input:

  • An off-street multi-use trail is a priority for the community.

The technical analysis showed that:

  • One quarter of the corridor is part of the Countywide High-Injury Network for bicyclists. The High-Injury Network includes roadway segments with the most fatal and severe injury crashes.
  • A continuous trail connection requires both off-street trails and on-street bike lanes.
  • Future development and growth will create more opportunities for people to bike for daily needs.

Long-Term Vision – 2040

The long-term vision is for an East Bay Greenway extension from South Hayward BART to Warm Springs BART. This would use existing trails and planned bikeways, and provide safer, more comfortable travel for people walking and riding bikes.

Existing Trails

  • South Hayward BART to Quarry Lakes Trail
  • Quarry Lakes Trail – Alvarado Niles Rd. to Alameda Creek Trail
  • Alameda Creek Trail – Decoto Rd. to Mission Blvd.
  • East Bay Greenway – Central Park to Irvington BART

New Trails and Trail Connections

  • Alameda Creek Crossing: New bike/ped bridge
  • East Bay Greenway, Alameda Creek Bridge to Fremont BART: Class I trail (further feasibility assessment is required).
  • East Bay Greenway, Fremont BART to Central Park: Class I trail

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

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