We invite you to complete a survey to share your thoughts on our draft project recommendations. Visit each page to find out more and give us feedback. This survey is divided into six topic areas.

Survey Topics

Bus-Only Lanes and Rapid Bus
East Bay Greenway Extension
On-Street Bike Lanes
Pedestrian and Bike Safety
Mobility Hubs
Technology and Traffic Operations

Each page presents background information about the draft recommendation and then a series of questions. Upon pressing submit, you will be taken back to the list of survey topics.

Purpose of the Online Survey and Workshops

A draft long-term vision for the corridor has been developed based on technical analysis and input from partner agencies and earlier community input. The current survey seeks to share aspects of the draft vision for the corridor and solicit additional feedback. Your input will be used to refine the draft long-term recommendation and develop a final recommendation for Alameda CTC Commission approval in early 2020.

Map showing draft recommended long-term vision projects for the corridor. These projects are explained throughout the information site.
Draft Recommended Long Term Improvements Concept

Project Background

The East 14th/Mission Boulevard and Fremont Boulevard project corridor connects the communities of Central and Southern Alameda County with regional transportation facilities, employment areas and activity centers.

The goals are to support planned long-term growth and economic development, address a range of mobility needs, increase the share of non-auto trips, and improve connectivity between transportation modes and services.

The outcome of this corridor project will help:

  • Improve transportation safety and comfort for all users
  • Accommodate increasing travel due to community growth
  • Make walking, biking, and transit more attractive options
  • Improve first- and last-mile connections to BART
  • Reduce pedestrian and bicyclist collisions

Work to Date

This project scoping phase started in early 2018 and has involved the following activities and key milestones:

  • Existing conditions analysis
  • Meetings with partner agencies
  • Online surveys
  • Focus group meetings
  • Technical analysis of alternatives
  • Develop draft recommended improvement long-term projects